City Bank
Saw Kent’s Good, Bad Times

City Bank Antiques in Kent, Ohio

As recently as 1979, the City Bank occupied a place of prominence near the main square, near Thompson's Drug Store. A time-honored institution, it had been founded in 1881. D. L. Rockwell, Sr., an attorney, was the prime mover behind its establishment and served as its first president.

  Born of the times in which it was conceived, it is little short of miraculous that City Bank was able to flourish. In 1881, there were no paved streets or electricity in the neighborhood. Twenty-three saloons dotted the city, and gaslights provided llumination after dark.

 There were no typewriters or even loose-leaf ledgers, and customers paid with "the coin of the realm." Checks were an oddity. Contrast this with the computers and ATMs of today!

 City Bank's initial location was the northwest corner of Main & Water streets. Then, from 1885-1911, it occupied a space where the post office had been. In 1911, the bank moved to the location where it lived out its years.


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